In our prospect for 2020, we think of trade frictions, debt defaults, fiscal pressures, geopolitics and even local wars when we talk about the risks of 2020, but the first “black swans” come from nature, the year 2020 began with an outbreak of 2019-ncov pneumonia that spread across the country and around the world. The severity of the new coronavirus epidemic is believed that many people have learned a lot through various information channels, but also know that the virus is terrible, of which the virus can spread with saliva is the main reason for this terrible epidemic. In this outbreak of the war, can not be separated from the use of epidemic prevention supplies, including masks, medical masks, goggles, and so on. These anti-epidemic products are made of non-woven fabrics, plastic PVC, TPE, silicone rubber and so on. Silicone rubber includes high temperature silicone rubber and room temperature silicone rubber, among which high temperature silicone rubber has good Biocompatibility, no odor, no toxicity, high temperature disinfection resistance, good tearing strength and good product fluidity, excellent performance such as easy to process. There are many applications in these epidemic prevention products.

As for the mask for civilian use, the mask manufacturer makes high-temperature silicone rubber into a nose clip and wraps it in non-woven material, or forms a seal ring directly with non-woven fabric and plastic PVC on the outer layer, or they can be made directly into a mask that can be replaced with a filter box, or they can be made into a mask headband. The excellent Biocompatibility of the material can make the part of the mask that comes into contact with the skin of the human body not easy to cause allergic swelling reaction when worn for a long time; its good sealing and extensibility, processing performance, the face mask can be easily fitted to the human face, suitable for all kinds of face shapes, and can effectively isolate the saliva pollution from flying Silicone rubber has a good springback and soft touch, and also reduces the discomfort of wearing a mask on the ears and head. In addition to the characteristics of civil silicone masks, medical grade silicone masks must be produced in a clean workshop with a grade of 300,000 or more, and the materials used must be high temperature silicone rubber that has passed the medical certification test, which is medical grade silicone rubber. The medical grade silicone mask uses double-layer silicone rubber edge to make it closely fit around the face, the corrugated design of the muzzle can meet the needs of different face shapes; the quick-button five-point headband and double-layer silicone edge can meet the needs of the face, no allergic reaction; silicone material can seal most of the harmful gas. There are three main routes of transmission of the virus: Oral, Nasal, and ocular. As a result, the need for goggles was also high during the outbreak and production increased accordingly. Wear goggles made of high-temperature liquid glue, compared to the PVC material of soft touch, not easy to produce strangulation, sealing effect can also meet the requirements, effective protection of the wearer to isolate the virus, prevent the virus from pouring from the saliva splash. And the goggles can be repeatedly cleaned and reused. Other kinds of medical accessories during the epidemic, the most worrying is that has been diagnosed in critically ill patients, their treatment can not be separated from inhalation AIDS, such as nose pillow. And cause complications after the need for surgery with urinary anesthesia, such as Catheter, gastric tube, laryngeal mask and other accessories. These are made of medical grade high temperature silicone rubber. Together, we fight this epidemic. The outbreak is also a test of raw materials, with the increasing awareness of public health and safety, silicon material with its unique properties, more and more people will enter the field of vision.


Post time: Mar-05-2020