On May,2019 three salesman in our company went to Shanghai to attend the national organic silicone conference and exhibition taken with silicone samples to show the products of our company and technology advantages in our factory. We met a lot of clients at the exhibition. Many customers who normaly communicated through telephone and email have came to Shanghai to meet us in these days. The face-to-face communication has enhanced the friendship and intimacy between the two sides, making the customers deeply appreciate the excellent business team and the warm hospitality of our company. At the same time, we also let customers have a further understanding of our products. Many customer took back samples from the exhibition to test, and some customers signed contracts with us directly at the exhibition, It all shows customers’ support for us and the recognition and trust in our products and factory technology.

During the three days of the exhibition, we got to know many new customers and strengthened our friendship with old customers. In addition, it has promoted the cooperation between our peer suppliers and enhanced our company’s popularity and influence in the industry.

It is not only because of the efforts of the salesman but also the support of technology from factory and trust of our customers ,so that we can get so many customers’ support in the establishment of the new company. 

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Post time: Dec-12-2019