On 2th, August,2019, an india customer of jewelry mold making visited our factory in Yangzhou in the company of our salesman and technical manager. We introduced our factory Yangzhou hongyuan new material Co., Ltd to the customer and also the history of the development , future prospects and the advantages of our products and technology. Under the guidance and introduce of the technical manager, we visited the laboratory and the equipment in the factory, and understood the technology of products and the process of the liquid silicone rubber for mold making in the factory. After that our technical manager tested the sample that taken by customer, and comfirmed some important indexes which customer want. “This is our hot product in our factory with many advantages in competitive price and high quality and we can use our factory’s and technology’s advantages to reach the requirement of customers”. Said our technical manager. The customer was very satisfied with us, he not only praised our factory’s high technical level, but also thanked us for our warm and sincere attitude. The customer expressed that the quality of product in our factory is better than other peers, he would establish a long-term trade partnership with us.

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Post time: Dec-12-2019