liquid silicone rubber for baby nipple

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  • FOB Price: 1-10 USD/KG
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000kg
  • Supply Ability: 10,000kg per day
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    Description: High transparency Liquid Silicone Rubber for Baby pacifier

    (1) Type : RS-90XXA/B series
    (2)Main characteristics and advantages

    This series of products are suitable for rapid vulcanization of two-component liquid silicone rubber in injection moulding process. They have the characteristics of high transparency, high strength and low odor.

    (3) Product characteristics  

    ●Excellent transparency

    ●Excellent thermal stability or weather resistance

    ●Excellent resilience

    ●Excellent yellow resistance and Heat aging resistance

    ●Molded products have low odor

    ●Compliance with FDA, ROHS, etc.

    (4) Applications  Shaped Baby pacifier

    (5) Packing  20KG/200KG Standard drum

    The above typical data is for reference only, it can not be used as a basis before use.  The specific forming process conditions should be determined by the product specifications and types.  You can also contact to our engineering department.

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